Tuesday, 11 September 2007

ब्रांड्स अद्वेर्तिसेमेंत,

Yes, you need a brand। First, branding is a key defense against commoditization - a situation in which a company’s products and services become perceived by buyers as being interchangeable with those of other companies, so buying decisions become driven by price. With the trend toward instantly and globally searchable competition across all product and service categories, the pull toward commoditization is now an elemental force in marketing. The value of branding - intelligent, relevant, branding that effectively differentiates you from your competition - has never been higher.
Branding is also a way to leverage success, expand market share, and fend off competition। Indeed, companies with established brands often rebrand as a way to penetrate perceived new markets or defend core markets. This rebranding is often a costly mistake.

Branding - or “brand-building” - has become the El Dorado of corporate marketing departments, advertising agencies, design firms, and consultants। However, branding goes beyond an attitude, or a logo, or a slogan, or an advertising campaign. Branding is a long-term holding in which your marketing communications are relatively short-term investments. Your brand is a tangible corporate asset - an end toward which all your business efforts should work.

Key point:Your brand is a tangible corporate asset!

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